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Study Ligand-Gated Ion Channels with a Microfluidic High Throughput Automated Patch Clamp Platform

Dr. Haiyang Wei, PhD, Director of Drug Discovery Partnerships, Eurofins Discovery

报告题目 (Title):

Study Ligand-Gated Ion Channels with a Microfluidic High Throughput Automated Patch Clamp Platform


报告摘要 (Abstract):

Automated patch clamp (APC) systems have become indispensable tools for drug discovery programs by allowing high throughput electrophysiology‐based screening of ion channel compounds. The recent development and introduction of microfluidic‐based APC systems have made it possible to study the interactions of ligand‐gated ion channels with pharmacological reagents, such as agonists, antagonists, or positive allosteric modulators (PAMs), with reliable pharmacological results comparable to those of the gold‐standard manual patch clamp technique while maintaining high throughput capacity. Many ligand‐gated ion channels exhibit rapid desensitization upon repetitive introduction of ligands; this loss of channel activity in the absence of pharmacological interaction poses a challenge for developing accurate, precise, and robust assays with high success rate, low run‐down, and reliable pharmacological results. In this study, ligand-gated ion channels were studied with the IonFlux™ system, a novel microfluidic-based automated patch clamp system with continuous flow and precise fluidic exchange. The data demonstrates that the IonFlux™ system is a high throughput, robust, and reliable platform to study ligand‐gated ion channels.


魏海阳博士拥有逾15年国际著名药企及CRO公司研发、管理经验。目前担任欧陆科技集团药物研发合作总监。魏博士长期从事多个疾病领域的临床前研发工作,是国际知名的电生理学,离体药理学和安全药理学专家。魏博士领导的欧陆科技集团药物研发合作部门是全球领先的临床前药物研发一体化平台,为超过2500家国际知名药企,生物技术公司,初创药企和学术研究部门提供临床前药物研发的一体化服务。 魏海阳博士同时是多个美国和欧洲药监机构, 药物研发行业协会的顾问及委员会成员. 魏博士曾先后担任Targacept研发科学家, 默克集团默克密理博资深科学家, 欧陆科技集团药物研发部门首席科学家及技术总监, 科学总监, 业务负责人及资深产品经理, 在药物研发, 团队招募和管理、运营管理, 产品经营及市场营销, 商务拓展方面都拥有丰富的经验。

About This Webinar:

This webinar is in collaboration with DL Naturegene Life Sciences, Inc. Dr. Haiyang Wei presented this IonFlux webinar in Mandarin.