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At Fluxion, we’re passionate about delivering cell-based and cell-free solutions that facilitate the transformation of research discoveries into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. By characterizing molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, Fluxion’s platforms help bridge the translational medicine gap, enabling rapid advances in disease research, drug discovery, and the development of diagnostic tests.

hERG Assay Development on the IonFlux System - using Giga-seal and Ensemble recordings

Speaker: Ali Yehia PhD, Fluxion Biosciences


The human ERG, encoding the protein KV11.1, is a major target for safety screening and drug development. It represents the cardiac channel IKr and its modulation is known to be the leading cause of LQT2. In this webinar, we present assay development data relating to testing and screening against this channel on the IonFlux 16 and HT Automated Patch Clamp devices using Giga-seal and Ensemble recordings. Utilizing commercially available CHO-hERG cell lines and standard modulators, we cover topics encompassing:

1. Cell maintenance and preparation best practices
2. Data comparison between different plate formats and cell sources
3. Temperature effects on the channel
4. Sustainability and success rates